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Known as "The Mother of All Relays", Hood to Coast is the largest relay in the world. This is the one they made the movie about. Hood to Coast is held at the end of August in Oregon and requires entry into the race lottery. If you plan to run in August 2014, you must enter the lottery in early October this year. Of course, there are no guarantees and your registration fee would be refunded if the team doesn't get in. Teams must average 9:45 a mile for the entire race, which means if you can run 10 minute miles, you would be fine.

This is the one I really want to do. I know it could be costly, but we have a year to plan. Any thoughts? Anyone interested? No commitments yet, just collecting names of those who are interested. What say you?
What is next gang? Now that Ragnar SoCal 2013 is behind us, it is time to start looking to the future. SoCal 2013? Napa? Hood to Coast? What do you say?

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